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We’d like to introduce you to STIR Academy of Bartending, the first academic institution in India to impart training in the art of bartending.

STIR is a name that most hospitality professionals recognise as the pioneering platform for bartenders. Initiated in 1997 in Mumbai, STIR – The Official Meet For Bartenders evoked a response that established beyond doubt the need for academic training in this much neglected field.

Thus came into being the academy. An opportunity for the hospitality industry to finally find bartenders of the calibre that they need. It also provides for upgrading your existing bartender while on the job, increasing his efficiency, creativity and knowledge. Directly resulting in increased productivity and profitability for your outlet.

The course material has been created keeping in mind the Indian working conditions and is highly practical. Along with techniques of bartending, it also includes licensing laws, working with computers, flair bartending using advanced video training and innovation among other things. Apart from full-time faculty, visiting faculty from the industry take special lectures. This ensures a course that is always in sync with current trends.

The academy is head by Shatbhi Basu, a person eminently qualified for the job, not just academically but by her unfailing conviction that bartending is a skilled art to be proud of. That she created STIR – The Official Meet For Bartenders and has written `The Can’t Go Wrong Book Of Cocktails’, the first ever book of its kind by an Indian author shows her total commitment to the profession.


Imagine a world without a Screwdriver or a Bloody Mary. That kingpin of all cocktails, the Martini. Then the new generation creations spawned from the innovative spirit of a very ingenious and resourceful species – the bartender. A chap who stands silently behind the counter, carefully structuring his attitude by observing that of his customer. Happy, compassionate, sombre, dispassionate listener – all in an evening of work. The man who is in his element when allowed to be himself, mixing exotic combinations with dexterity. An artist and an entertainer.

The ultimate bartender did not just happen by chance. It was a skill that was sought and nursed through hours of practice. Enhanced by the appreciation of the people at the receiving end of this hospitality and those that profited from it.


STIR Academy of Bartending, was the first school in India dedicated to teaching the art of bartending exclusively, gives bar professionals an opportunity to excel in their chosen field.

In today’s changing hospitality scenario, a well-trained and professional bartender is a necessary asset. Everyday, new hotels, bars, pubs and nightclubs open their doors. What all these need are professionals who can mix drinks and tend bar with speed, efficiency and style. At STIR, you will learn to do just that and more. Our well-structured and practical programme is designed to develop you into, not just a great bartender, but into one with a personality. A must in a competitive employment opportunity environment.

The programme at STIR also equips entrepreneurs wishing to set up an enterprise of their own. In addition to the professional course, STIR offers short, tailor-made programmes on cocktails and wine appreciation for corporate houses and amateurs.


The programmes at STIR are designed to provide students with complete and comprehensive training in all areas of bartending. The curriculum teaches you to make all the classic and popular cocktails as well as to use your own creativity. We place special emphasis on product knowledge, practical, hands-on training, personality development and flair. Our instructors come with a rich experience of the hospitality industry. Small classes (minimum 12; maximum 20) and a flexible schedule ensure better instruction and personal interaction.


• Basics of spirits, wines, beer
• Opening the bar & bar equipment
• Essence of mixology
• Practical applications of mixology
• Brands of the world
• Wine insight – Traditional and New World
• Bar ethics and alcohol awareness
• Licensing laws
• Effective buying, costing and beverage controls
• Computer systems – software applications
• Menu planning
• Marketing the bar and cocktails
• Personality development and bar acrobatics
• Banquet/party bartending
• Customer psychology, service and interaction
• External presentations
• Test (Theory; Practical)


The academy has a completely functional wet bar with modern mixing equipment. It also uses audio-visual aids, a computer with CD-ROM and a reference library. A contemporary working cocktail bar atmosphere makes the learning process more real.


A combination of full-time and external faculty of professional from the hospitality and beverage alcohol industries.


6/7 MONTH PART-TIME: thrice a week, 3 hours each

Rs. 35,000.00

STIR Academy began in December 1999 with a first batch of 7 students and has since grown in strength to a current batch total of 83 with at least 15 on a waitlist. Over 150 bartenders have to date passed out of the academy. They are employed across the world and several of them have won top honours in bartending competitions. Today you will find Stir Academy trained bartenders at these bars and more as the list changes everyday:
- UK
o American Bar, Savoy, London

- New Zealand
o Intercontinental, Auckland

- Dubai
o Le Royal Meridien
o Le Meridien
o Royal Dubai Golf Club
o Rock Bottom Café
o Rockefellers Café
o Trader Vic’s
o Left Bank
o Madinat Jumeirah
o Palms Jumeirah
o Atlantis

- Cruise liners
o Carnival Cruises
o P & O Princess Cruises
o Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
o Star Cruise
o Costas Cruises
- Mumbai
o The Taj Mahal
o The Oberoi
o The President
o Intercontinental
o Hyatt Regency
o Rodas
o J W Marriott
o Rennaisance
o Velocity
o J49
o Sidewok
o Starters & More
o Indus
o Noodle Bar
o Red Light
o Mangiferra
o Chilli & Spice
o Esco
o On Toes Bandra
o Veda Mumbai
o Barbeque Nation
- Bangalore
o F Bar
o Spinn

- New Delhi
o F Bar

- Colombo
o The Mango Tree

MUMBAI 400016
24452750, 24451033

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