Know Me

I believe that only I have the power to shape my destiny. I am the driver, I am the block. If things go wrong, I have nobody to blame except myself. True success is to rise above and in spite of circumstances instead of using them as an excuse.

I believe you should visualise your dream and work towards it. We can achieve anything we want, if we want it badly enough. The key is to be focused. There is no point in looking back or regretting anything.

Learn continuously.

For me, the ultimate joy is sharing knowledge, helping build another human life, a career and giving someone new direction and hope. Give, without expecting because it is the right thing to do.

And trust your instincts.

Having solid values and holding on to them is very important, as is being clean and never stooping to slimy business practices.

Preach only what you practice.  Give a 100% to everything that you do.  Shed what is destructive. Be passionate.

Those who know me will tell you that family and friends outweigh all other distractions. They are the foundation of my life.

If I went back in time, I probably would not recognise myself today. I believe in reinventing myself all the time. Remembering that the only thing constant is change!

Allow your mind to grow and take new directions, new chances, and new challenges. It’s what keeps me alive.

Above all, believe in yourself. It’s what gets me through my weakest moments.


  • Alumnus of Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai, class of 1980
  • Began as a trainee chef with Centaur in 1980
  • Worked with various independent units in the Food & Beverage service area -Chopsticks restaurant (Mumbai), Hotel Fidalgo (Goa), Hotel Sands (Mumbai)
  • Did a stint with an ad agency (3 Brothers & Fils) in the area of client service, handling food and beverage accounts
  • Conducted research in the field of bartending, wine and mixed drinks
  • Conduct training workshops in bartending, wine appreciation and mixing cocktails
  • Conduct direct-to-consumer & corporate workshops on beverage appreciation – scotch & single malts, world whisky, rum, tequila
  • Freelance journalist contributing columns in the trade and mainstream magazines and newspapers
  • Established the first ever platform for bartenders in India, STIR – The Official Meet For Bartenders, a seminar cum competition for professional, student and amateur bartenders
  • Authored the first comprehensive guide to alcoholic beverages and cocktails relevant to Indian conditions – The Can’t Go Wrong Book Of Cocktails
  • Initiated and currently head of the first institution for professional bartending in India,  STIR – Academy Of Bartending, Mumbai
  • Director of Creative Consultants – a company specialising in bar design, concepts and training
  • Consultant to INS Hamla, the catering school and training centre for the Indian Navy
  • Consulted on training, brand extensions and launch strategy for Diageo on Ciroc Vodka, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Vat 69…
  • Was instrumental in the creation & execution of Smirnoff Tastemaker Sessions & Smirnoff Bartending Sessions
  • Consultant to CL World Brands for Angostura Rums, Angostura Bitters
  • Consultant to Focus Brands – for Campari, Jose Cuervo, Marie Brizard Liqueurs, Skyy Vodka, Cinzano, Cutty Sark, Glen Rothes
  • Consulting Trainer Aspri Spirits on Roberto Cavalli, Molinari Sambuca, Amarula, Diva Cachaca, Skyy…
  • Host & content advisor to NDTV for the show `In High Spirits’ on NDTV Good Times
  • Host and content creator for a new food show – `I Hate Cooking’ – to launch soon
  • Member – Flair Bartenders’ Association (FBA), World Bartenders Training Organisation (WBTO)

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