Blue Kamikaze, Tequila shot with Chatka chaser & more

Chasing Euphoria

Is it double trouble or double the fun? Is it irresponsible or just pure masti? What’s all the buzz about? We’re talking shot on shot. Those quirky alcoholic minis called chased shooters.

In fact, the first `chaser’ was water! Early days in America, when whiskey was drunk straight, in short glasses, often served with a glass of cold water on the side. In all probability to wash down the raw spirit – a hydrator. In the post-war days, when the working class were pressur

ed by poverty, the side of water was replaced by a pint of beer to numb the reality of the situation at home. Thus was born the `Boilermaker’, so named as the men came to the bar in their boiler suits. Or could it have been the explosive nature of the combination?!

The Boilermaker was soon followed by
Submariner – a shot of tequila chased with a pint of beer;
Devilled Submariner – a spiced tequila shot instead of just plain. My own contributions to this mad beer chaser game were Comfortably Numb– a shot each of bourbon whiskey and Southern Comfort (a bourbon based liqueur) washed with a pint of beer;
Hammered & Nailed – a shot each of scotch and Drambuie (a scotch based liqueur) drowned with glass of beer and
Eye in the Sky– a flaming shot of Pernod, Ouzo or Sambuca (all flavoured with anise) followed by a beer.
The madness continued with Kamikaze– vodka, orange liqueur & lime all shook up into a shot (suicidal when u lose track,just like the Japs).
B52 – Kahlua, Baileys Irish Cream & Cointreau/Grand Marnier in that order in layers, setting the top one on fire just like the bombers!
Flaming Lamborghini– Sambuca, Kahlua, Baileys & Blue Curacao up in flames!

I don’t know whether it was an incessant need to find fresh ways or a sense of conscientiousness that egged me to explore further. Maybe both. And so were born a whole new breed of chasers. Juices, cola, lemonade, ginger ale… It changed from simply being about more alcohol to being different. It was about flavour comb

inations, taste, interaction and joy. It was about getting people to have fun on the bar, playing games and yet not adding to inebriation.

We created 2, 3 and 4 part shots – broken up to combine spirit with liqueur, juice and more. Finding the balance without taking away the excitement. Try the Hairy Navel, also known as Siamese Twins – a half shot each of vodka and peach liqueur chased by a double shot of cold orange juice. Vanilla Driver – a half shot each of vanilla vodka and coconut liqueur chased by a double shot of iced mango juice. Baja Men – a half shot each of rum, Malibu and a double shot of cola. Hop, Skip & go Naked – a half shot each of citrus vodka, gin and a double shot each of lemonade and beer.


Iced tequila shots chased by spicy `sangrita’ – a funky combination of tomato juice, orange juice, lime juice and Tabasco sauce, iced vodka shots chased by my special `chatka’ chaser of spiced guava juice are quite crazy. Use these as a starting point, then go find your own versions of madness.

But again, these double whammies need a conducive environment to be effective. A hi-energy bar, a wild and wacky party, a frenzy of activity and a lot of loud music. And of course, bartenders who are original and enthusiastic. Not the cocky kids you want to whack but the happy ones who add to the buzz by their sheer passion for the job.

On a more serious note though, it is important to understand the physiology of how alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream and its effect on our person. Don’t do more than two shots (30ml each) at a time. Remember the time you would normally take over that one drink. And that you downed the same amount of alcohol in 2 seconds as opposed to 10/20 minutes that is usual. Also that you have probably already had a couple of drinks before you have decided to go the shooter way. So drink plenty of water on the side and wait 20 minutes before you think of drinking any further. That’s how long it would take for the effects of the alcohol to reflect.

Double the fun is cool. But double caution is cooler.