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Blue Kamikaze, Tequila shot with Chatka chaser & more

Chasing Euphoria

Is it double trouble or double the fun? Is it irresponsible or just pure masti? What’s all the buzz about? We’re talking shot on shot. Those quirky alcoholic minis called chased shooters.

In fact, the first `chaser’ was water! Early days in America, when whiskey was drunk straight, in short glasses, often served with a glass of cold water on the side. In all probability to wash down the raw spirit – a hydrator. In the post-war days, when the working class were pressur

ed by poverty, the side of water was replaced by a pint of beer to numb the reality of the situation at home. Thus was born the `Boilermaker’, so named as the men came to the bar in their boiler suits. Or could it have been the explosive nature of the combination?!





I get the strangest feeling writing this article. Low-cal cocktails. I started working on this stuff during the times when I needed guinea pigs for my crazy concoctions. My Dad used to feel a bit left out as he was diabetic and could not handle all the sugar in the recipes. Thus began my interest in creating cocktails which used flavours without an overdose of sugar. Not to say they were like Diet cola. There’s no escaping the calories in alcohol. And it’s definitely not healthy if consumed irresponsibly. But sure you can save the extra sugar boost caused by sweet juices, syrups and aerated waters.

Vodka and to an extent white rum are your best bets for mixing. Very little or no added sugar. Gin is sweetened and whisky and rum too contribute some extra calories. Your best bets are to mix with sugar–free juices, fresh or in tetra packs (Real, Tropicana), diet cola or lo-cal drinks. Replace sugar in a drink by Equal, Sugarfree, Sweetex…