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Virgin Mary



A lonely glass of juice or cola looking wistfully at an exotic Cosmopolitan or a Pina Colada. Boring teetotalers! Not necessarily true. Unless you want it so. The rules of looking good apply universally and do not have to be partial to cocktails. Good looking glassware is out there on shop-shelves just waiting for you to pick them up. And you can use them to perfect advantage to serve anything from a simplest juice to an exotic mocktail. Why, even water looks brighter in a nicer glass.

The rules are the same. Lots of ice, slices of fresh fruit and mint, stylish glasses will elevate even the most ordinary drink. Try half a slice of sweet lime or orange in a soft drink or even iced water or fresh lime. Some fresh mint sprigs over jal jira. A green chilli & fresh coriander over buttermilk or a sprinkling of roasted jeera over aam panna.



Summer! When the afternoon sun launches its blistering attack. Time then to don a snazzy hat, get into your shorts and go on a liquid diet. And what better way than to chill with some really interesting coolers. Ok, so they take some work. But trust me, they are worth it. Once you’ve understood the flavours, simply make them by the jug. For the lazy ones, there’s lots of ready-to-drink stuff on shop-shelves. Tropicana and Real both have sugar free juices. Real also has heath oriented carrot-orange and a mixed fruit/spinach/cucumber combo, which are both quite amazing. There’s a boom of low calorie flavoured waters and a huge range of imported juices too. It’s real easy to make loads of iced tea in all flavours. Simply  fill the pitcher with ice cubes, pour in freshly brewed hot tea, sugar/sugar-free and lime juice to taste, fresh mint leaves all torn up, et voila – done! Spice it up with ginger, lemon grass, cinnamon, even simply orange juice. If the sugar doesn’t bother you, flavour the tea with Manama crushes – strawberry, peach-apricot, kiwi, litchi, blackcurrant. Go desi with rose, khus or mango.