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Quick 'n' Easy


So you’re sick and tired of the kitchen. Slaving over the stove is not your idea of the perfect homecoming. Cool. Very understandable. Should you be open to a casual yet definitely wholesome (read well balanced not boring) quickie, I’ve got some ideas. It’s the sort of stuff that one can whip up rather soon; a combination of what’s at home and convenient stuff from the local store.

Menu (for two):

Creamy Cheesy Soup accompanied by Cheese and Tomato Toast, followed by some fresh fruit.

The Soup: Don’t choke at the ingredient list. Trust me and make it. Pressure cook a 6 inch piece of `doodhi’ (white marrow), a cucumber, a small onion, a small potato and a couple of garlic flakes (all cut up in cubes) with 2 cups of water. Cool and blend in the mixer or with a hand blender. Add 2 cups of milk, a cube of grated cheese or a couple of tablespoons of cheese spread, salt and pepper to taste. Drink it nice and hot.