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Imagine a table piled with a zillion different combinations of salads. With a whole range of dressings. A variety of breads. And lots of dips and spreads. How about a cheese platter, cracker biscuits and fruit? Warming up to the idea already?



 OK, so it’s going to take some organising. Maybe even hard work. But almost no labouring over

hot stoves. The thing about a salad buffet is that one can prepare in advance and assemble just before the party. You could start a couple of days before the party and build up your  menu  peacefully and comfortably. The important step, of course, is to plan the menu and make a list of ingredients. Then shop and get stocked up. A couple of volunteers would be icing on the cake.




When the weather’s fine and there’s a bit of a nip in the air, it always calls for celebration. And what better way to party than to rig up a barbecue.

So we need a barbecue pit. Can I hear some cribs already? Where does one find it? Too messy. Too much work. Let’s just order in! C’mon guys, it’s a new year. Time to gather around, ring  up  a few  friends,  locate a friendly neighborhood  kababwala  who’ll loan  you  one or, just go out and buy yourself  one.  It’s  well worth it.

Okay, so we’ve got the barbecue pit. What one needs is some  good quality coal. I usually ask my local dhobi (presswala) or subziwala to help me with  this.  I’m assuming these chaps exist most  places  so  you should  be  able  to get the job done. However, am sure most decent supermarkets stock bags of smokeless coal. But seriously, the dhobi man will probably be easier! And if you think I’m nuts, believe me, I survive with a lot of help from these chaps.  Ah, the advantages of Mumbai! About 5 kilos of the stuff ought to do  the trick for an average (5-6people) party.