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Mexican Sombrero



If there ever was a spirit replete with history, mystery and intrigue, it must be tequila. Even today, years after it’s arrival on bar shelves, tequila is often regarded as a strange Mexican potion containing worms, hallucinogens, et al. And these same wondrous attributes have probably contributed towards establishing tequila as the most `hip’ spirit to drink.

Almost everyone wants to know where they can find a bottle of this happening liquor. Yet many are uncertain about what it really is. There seems to be a strange fascination for drinking something which might have a worm floating in it. Does it really?? Let’s discover the inside story.


MORE Brandy


MORE Brandy – And Especially Fruit Brandies

Is there life after cognac? Surprisingly yes. In fact, there’s various styles of regional brandies in existence, well worth unearthing. Armagnac is another winner from France. This brandy is more earthy, fiery and retains more grape flavour than cognac (cognac is distilled twice, thus more subtle) as it undergoes only one distillation. It is a product well worth looking for. An aromatic and mouth-filling experience you will remember. Look out for armagnac soaked prunes and cherries from Sempe at Mumbai duty free. Awesome.

The Spanish make excellent brandy, especially the solera aged ones from Jerez. Fundador, at the basic level is the no. 1 selling brandy in the world, Solera Gran Reserva Lepanto, Dali and Cristal from Conde de Osborne at the top. The Mexican Presidente is the no. 2 seller world wide. Californian brandy has a very distinguished reputation and the United States is probably the largest producer of brandy in the world. Then there’s the clear Peruvian brandy, called Pisco. And almost every other country that makes wine also makes brandy. Some good, some exceptional and some perfectly horrid.