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Wine – Frankly Speaking


“Not only does one drink wine, but one inhales it, one looks at it, one tastes it, one swallows it…and then one talks about it” – King Edward VII.

Wine. The subject of endless verses. Steeped in tradition as old as the hills. Mystic aphrodisiac of a myriad hues. Eternal enchantress. Young and elegant; earthy and brash; full and round; sleek and smooth; noble and mellow.

Load of bull wouldn’t you say?

When I was first told me to write this for the budding wine enthusiast – my experience with wine kinda piece – it put me in a bit of a spot. Do I start from scratch and assume you know very little or should I just give you info about wines you can buy? Or would it make more sense to help you understand ordering wine at a restaurant?


bordx image


After frolicking with cocktails, wading through spirits and touching upon wines, time to get savvy. Let’s journey through the wine world, old and new. And where better to begin with than Bordeaux in France.

Bordeaux (bord-o) wines have entranced wine lovers for years. Their mind- boggling diversity of style and flavour continue to intrigue and captivate its followers. From the simple table wines or `vin ordinaire / vin de table’ to the fuller and richly flavoured premium classed wines, these wines (traditionally called `claret’ by the British) are truly memorable.

Before we get to know them better, let me warn you that it isn’t going to be easy. What I do promise though is that you will at least be reasonably conversant at the end of this three-part French adventure. We’ll traipse along the key regions and identify their best wines. 77